Vegreville Muslim Association

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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

VMA Community Centre

(Masjid Ar-Rahmaan)

4932 51 Avenue

Vegreville, Alberta

The Vegreville Muslim Association is a non-profit organization of Muslims dedicated to religious, education, and social services in the Town of Vegreville and surrounding areas of Alberta. The Vegreville Muslim Association (VMA) was incorporated in Alberta on the 24th April 2013 under the religious land societies act – corporate access number 5417479895. VMA Community Centre (Masjid Ar-Rahmaan) is the first ever Masjid in Vegreville, which was officially opened on Ramadan 08, 1436 (June 25, 2016). Alhamd Lellah the VMA community Centre is paid off on January 25, 2019, now we need help to maintain and operate the VMA Community center to help the Muslim community to practice the principals of Islam, and ultimately please Allah (SWT) by adhering to the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh); please use the donation pledge form for the purpose of donating or online though Please donate generously.

Vegreville Muslim Association Bank A/C information:

VMA Community Centre

(Masjid Ar-Rahmaan)

TD Bank

Transit # 08976; Institution# 004; account # 5210204;

BMO Bank

Transit # 25989; Institution# 001; account # 8985-241


(Mailing address: 4932 51 Avenue, Box 263, Vegreville AB T9C 1T7 )

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